doctorsDatabases of doctors


Databases of medical specialists contain personal contacts of doctors of such specializations: 




  • Obstetrician-gynecologists;
  • Pediatricians, neonatologists;
  • Dentists. 


Gathering of the databases of doctors was conducted from June 2008 under subscription of magazines for professionals “Taking Care of a Woman” and “Taking Care of a Child”.




Advantages of the databases:


  • Actual (updated annually);
  • Overall (home address, mobile phone, e-mail);
  • Legal (registered DB, consent for communication is available).


Feasibility of using: 


  • Mass texting;
  • Postal mailing;
  • E-mailing;
  • Targeting according to available parameters (geography, profile of a specialist).


Database description:
  Gynecologists  Pediatricians Dentists 
Number of doctors in the DB 6520 5130 7373
Full name  100% 100% 100%
Coverage Ukraine Ukraine Cities with population exceeding one million
E-mail 11% 2% 2%
Cell phone number  62% 57% 80%
Address  100% 100% 67%


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