diaryDiary of baby’s growth and development
“My Baby. Taking care of health”



Target audience: a newborn’s mom.


For a mom it’s nice and easy to fill this diary-book of baby’s development. It contains a set of advice on baby’s health (in compliance with the WHO standards) and pedagogical recommendations on upbringing and development.


Parents use this diary-book during the first 2 years of baby’s life (they make notes in it) and then it is kept in the family for future generations.


This diary-book is given in a maternity hospital by a consultant of TEDDY-club on the 2nd day after childbirth as a part of a gift set.


Format: vertical B5, full color, 52 + pages, paper, which is convenient to write on.


Subject heading list:


  • About “My Baby. Taking care of health” booklet – booklet description, congratulations to a mom on the child’s birth, how to note down baby’s parameters;
  • Baby’s family – a mom makes the family tree in this section and places the first baby photo there;
  • A newborn baby in the house – this section contains first advice on caring for a baby and description of baby’s needs;
  • Feeding your baby – this section is about the necessity of breastfeeding , practical advice on feeding, complementary feeding , aspects of artificial feeding, the role of vitamins and minerals;
  • Healthy teeth – the section describes appearance of first teeth, dental hygiene, visits to the dentist, the first toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • Baby’s physical growth – this section contains information about baby’s physical changes, table for weight measurement, indicators of height, weight, and head circumference;
  • Development – advice to parents: baby’s skills according to each month of his/her life, development of auditory attention and speech, cognitive skills, development of social behavior, development of self-service skills, basics of sex education;
  • Security – this section provides guidance for parents on child’s safety in the house and social security;
  • Health – disease prevention, care for a sick child, when to see a doctor, when to call an ambulance;
  • Vaccination – this section contains information on the National calendar and describes each infectious disease mentioned in the calendar, besides it describes individual immunization schedule, gives information on vaccines, place and date of vaccinations;
  • Visit to the doctor / medical facility – this section describes the first visit of a doctor and a special table for making notes about medical check-ups done by specialists.


Product benefits for moms and relatives of a newborn (target audience):




  • Contents are reviewed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Institute of Upbringing Problems at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine;
  • All information is given in an easy and comprehensive manner by TEDDY-club = trust and positive attitude;
  • Practicability and usefulness of this diary-book.


For advertisers and partners:


Efficient algorithms of distribution:


  • Delivered to maternity hospitals by courier services once in 3 months;
  • Given by a consultant of TEDDY-club during individual conversation with a young mother. The consultant focuses attention on the diary-book;
  • Legal distribution channel.




  • Marking in the database of TEDDY-club;
  • Telemarketing.


Qualitative and long-term contacts with the target audience: 


  • Parents use this diary-book during the first 2 years of baby’s life;
  • The diary-book is kept in the family for further generations and is looked through by a mother and relatives from time to time;
  • The information is given in the format of sections; it is easily perceived and placed in the right context.



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