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”Legal Advisor for a young mom” is a booklet explaining mother’s rights for maternity leaves, the types and amount of state aid for pregnancy and childbirth, the list of products required in the maternity hospital. Booklet format: B5, full-color printing. 


This booklet is given for free to a woman when she is registering and documenting her official maternity leave (7 months (30-32 weeks) of pregnancy). Free for women.


Format of the partner: embedding information materials, samples, sachets, branding inside the vehicle.


Control algorithms:


  • An offer for a mom either to email or register at the web portal and then she receives a gift;
  • Filling in a questionnaire by the staff of a maternity welfare clinic and making the database.


Distribution algorithms:


  • Number of copies for each maternity welfare clinic is determined after a previous call to every clinic according to the figure showing “the number of pregnant women registered in the clinic during this period”;
  • All booklet copies are delivered to maternity welfare clinics by courier services;
  • Upon delivery the Acceptance Act is signed.


Control algorithms and reporting on work in maternity welfare clinics: 


  • A client is provided with data on the number of copies distributed in maternity welfare clinics over this period of time, these data are verified with a stamp of each medical institution;
  • There is an option giving an opportunity to fill out questionnaires (cost of contacts is higher, at partner’s discretion).



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